New CO2 Fuels Completes Solar CO2-to-Fuel Testing

by | Jan 27, 2014

New CO2 Fuels has completed stage 1 testing for its proof-of-concept system for technology that converts CO2 into fuel using solar energy.

In the stage 1 testing, the Israel-based company, a subsidiary of Australia’s Greenearth Energy, demonstrated its technology that dissociates CO2 into CO and oxygen in a heating environment, simulating the industrial waste heat sources that will be used as one of two energy sources in the commercial product.

The company says the dissociation rate of the system was increased by a factor of 200 and the cost was reduced by a factor of 34, relative to the original dissociation apparatus demonstrated in 2010 at the laboratories of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

During this month and February, the company will begin stage 2 testing, which aims to increase the dissociation rate by a factor of four, an 800 fold increase in the dissociating rate; and drive the system using a solar based heat source.

Upon completing stage 2 testing, New CO2 Fuels says it will have proven both paths to the commercial product. The company will them move onto developing commercial-scale reactors and systems.

In other alternative fuels news, Boeing last week said it is collaborating with research partners in the United Arab Emirates on a project to test desert plants fed by seawater called halophytes, which the partners say will produce aviation biofuel more efficiently than other feedstocks.

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