Greensmith Energy Management Systems Unveils ESS Up to Megawatt Scale

by | Jan 13, 2014

GreensmithGreensmith Energy Management Systems now offer “a la carte” energy storage systems (ESS) to a variety of energy storage participants up to megawatt scale. The company is a provider of energy storage technologies and solutions with over 30 systems deployed utilizing its battery-agnostic technology platform.

In addition to delivering turn-key ESS up to megawatt scale, Greensmith provides a centralized software system which monitors and controls all of the various elements within the ESS, including the batteries, inverter, fire protection system, and even AC system.

Many ESS units today are installed with disparate control systems for each respective component: the battery management system (BMS), the inverter, the air conditioning system, and the fire protection system. Centralizing the information and controls allows for consistent dispatch systems according to customer’s commands.

Within each ESS, Greensmith installs a site controller to communicate with the inverter and battery management system over a variety of protocols (including serial protocols, CANbus, and modbus).  This site controller also communicates with external networks over a TCP/IP based connection, enabling remote control through a browser-based interface or through third-party control systems over Modbus or DNP3 protocols

Greensmith’s software also enables fleet control across multiple ESS units.

Two major utilities with multiple ESS deployments have asked Greensmith to retrofit existing systems.  Greensmith is poised to retrofit the ESS systems later this year, across several different battery and inverter manufacturers which are already installed.

In its next generation of software, dubbed “BOS4”, Greensmith is also deploying a rule-based engine which will allow ESS systems to dispatch based on an application priority hierarchy.  This development will tie into an upcoming automated C&I product that will provide similar rule-based conditions for behind-the-meter commercial & industrial customers interested in deploying energy storage to save on energy bills.


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