Making Your Business More Energy Efficient

by | Dec 18, 2013

If you’ve given up on your own personal new year’s resolution, then why not make one for your business – and something you can all keep to and get involved in. Being more energy efficient can not only save you money but increase the happiness of your staff and improve the mood of your office.

Making a business more environmentally friendly is not just the responsibility of the boss, although some things will definitely have to be changed by the boss. Here are a number of changes that are the responsibility of the boss:

Change to Energy Efficient Alternatives

Many of the things in your office will have environmentally friendly alternatives. A great place to start is with your lights and any appliances you may have. Make sure your lighting is energy efficient and check the energy efficiency of your electrical objects. Any fridges, microwaves or kitchen appliances that you may provide should all be of a good energy rating, or make the promise to yourself that when you need to replace these appliances that you will only buy appliances over a certain standard.

Also consider the energy efficiency of the computers you are using. As an immediate start why not set all work computers to hibernate after a certain time of inactivity. Hibernation, on most machines, uses either the same or very close to the same energy as when shut down, so why not set your work computers to hibernate automatically – using less electricity over lunch and after work if the computer is not shut down.

Change your Water Cooler

If you currently have a water cooler delivered with large plastic bottles, the delivery emissions every week will mount up. Why not seek advice from your provider about plumbed-in options? This will cause less disruption, the same filtered, cold, great tasting water and fewer emissions.

Energy Inspection

Why not buy your business a professional energy audit this year? Finding any drafts, insulation problems, loose fittings or leaking pipes can keep your energy usage low, along with your heating bill.

Consider your Energy Options

Considering your energy options will vary in complexity. Why not begin by looking at your energy provider and compare to others in the area; this may save you money. Or consider a brand new type of energy, such as solar panels, a wind turbine or LPG Gas. Many businesses stray away from solar panels out of fear, but why not back up your system with an LPG Gas Tank? LPG is an environmentally friendly alternative to oil, especially suitable for rural business locations.

Other environmental steps to take:

Find a Local Recycling Service Provider

This is a no-brainer. If you currently do not recycle, then beginning the steps towards this will make a huge difference. Researching recycling service providers in your area can help you gain an understanding of prices and what services will be suited to you.

There are, however a number of changes that can be made by the team themselves, habitual changes, if you will. Here are some of the things you or your employees can do to help make your business more environmentally friendly.

Create a Recycling Initiative

Getting your staff involved and enthusiastic about recycling and becoming a more energy efficient business can create a great mood among a team of whatever size. If you hold team meetings, why not spend some of this time talking about your progress. Gather your statistics and congratulate your team on their progress. Create a buzz, make signs or print some off from your local government, which can be found here.

Create an Award/Incentive Scheme

Part of this buzz could include creating an award. Depending on the size of your team this could be an award for the least rubbish thrown away for each table, department or location, or the most recycled. You design a scheme in which those whose non-recycled rubbish was the least over the course of a year will gain a treat (just in time for Christmas) – even something small like vouchers or lunch out can get the competitive juices flowing and your business will be becoming more and more environmentally friendly each day.

Get Volunteers

Find those who are more enthusiastic about the cause and delegate responsibility to them. The volunteers in your office can ensure that recycling is carried out properly and come up with new ideas for making your business more environmentally friendly.

Change Habits

It’s the small things that build up so start changing your habits. Stop using disposable cups for your water use a re-useable alternative, it’s better for the environment and nicer to drink from. Why not turn down your screen brightness too, a screen too bright is bad for your eyes and your energy usage!

There are so many ways that you and your business can become more environmentally friendly in 2014, why not start here and make a difference. You never know, it could be one of your unique selling points.

Ben Wood is a writer for independent LPG Supplier, LPG Homeheat, which supplies the north of England’s homes and businesses with LPG gas for a greener alternative.

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