How to Green Product Manufacturing

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by | Nov 19, 2013

green industryManufacturing can cut CO2 emissions and costs by following five tips on making the product manufacturing process greener, reports Greener Ideal.

  1. Reduce waste: If possible, choose a material where you can reuse the waste material, either melting it down or using it in another product.
  2. Reduce product parts: This reduces the carbon footprint, requires less (or zero) adhesive, less manufacturing time and cuts molds required, quantity of materials and means quicker production time.
  3. Stay in house: Sourcing every part with the same company — preferable in the same country — reduces products’ air miles.
  4. Don’t over order: Overuse of electricity, materials and labor increases manufacturing costs and produces unnecessary carbon emissions.
  5. Choose recyclable or biodegradable materials: This also gives your product a competitive advantage.

Another way to green manufacturing: paperless manufacturing can improve a company’s business operations through higher quality, greater responsiveness to change and less waste, according to Tadeusz Dyduch senior product manager at Apriso, writing for IndustryWeek.

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