Greensmith Launches 4th Generation Energy Storage System Software

by | Nov 22, 2013

GreensmithGreensmith Energy Management Systems has launched its fourth generation software control system for energy storage systems.

The system monitors and controls all of the various elements within a client’s energy storage system, including the batteries, inverter, fire protection system and HVAC system, the company says.

According to Greensmith, many energy storage systems units are installed with disparate control systems for each respective component. But sometimes this leads to conflicting messages, for instance between the building management system and the inverter, which causes operational issues for the energy storage system owner.

By centralizing the information and controls, Greensmith is able to dispatch systems according to customer’s commands and provide safety oversights that may otherwise be lost by one system or another. Furthermore, most customers want all of their energy storage system information in one place, the company says.

Greensmith’s software also enables fleet control across multiple energy storage system units.  For instance, a utility customer may have many individual energy storage system units from different manufacturers that it wants to run together. Greensmith’s system provides one central framework to enable that. To date, two major utilities with multiple energy storage system units have asked Greensmith to retrofit existing systems with their software, the company says.  Greensmith is poised to retrofit the systems later this year, across several different, already-installed  battery and inverter manufacturers.

In March,  the company announced it was providing distributed energy storage systems to 14 customers, including eight electric utilities.

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