Light Managing System Monitors Non-Lighting Loads, Too

by | Oct 17, 2013

Energy Manage Digital LumensDigital Lumens says its LightRules Power product can monitor non-lighting loads. The company also announced LightRules Keypad, a wall-mounted lighting management panel as well as a new version of LightRules software, version 2.7.

LightRules Power is a platform to manage energy use, and with a network already in place, Digital Lumens has added the ability to monitor other systems and machinery.

LightRules Power measures and monitors energy usage on any piece of equipment or system and leverages the intelligent lighting network within a facility to integrate power consumption data from a variety of systems into LightRules energy reports. Using power-monitoring hardware, LightRules Power also gathers real-time power and energy data from other circuits and systems, giving facility managers a single, integrated view of energy use and cost by system.

Digital Lumens says the extension of LightRules to monitor systems beyond lighting has been part of its long-term vision.

LightRules Keypad is a wall-mounted device, allowing facility managers to update lighting settings across an entire Digital Lumens intelligent lighting network using up to eight unique lighting profiles. It can also be used to issue an ‘all-on’ command for emergency lighting needs. Keypad uses a Power-over-Ethernet (POE) connection for installation across a range of commercial and industrial facilities.

LightRules Power and LightRules Keypad require LightRules 2.7, all of which are available.

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