Select, Fountain Quail Team Up on Fracking Water Treatment

Fountain Quail's Rover

by | Sep 4, 2013

Fountain Quail's RoverSelect Energy Services and Fountain Quail Water Management have formed a joint venture to expand their oilfield and shale gas water treatment and recycling services.

Fountain Quail Water Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aqua-Pure Ventures, an oilfield and shale gas wastewater recycler.

The companies have completed a recycling project in Texas’ Permian region for a large, public, independent E&P company, which the companies say has successfully treated and recycled nearly 300,000 barrels of water on site.

Under the agreement, Fountain Quail will contribute technical expertise and equipment to Select’s water management products, while Select will provide capital to expand Fountain Quail’s capabilities. Both companies will use current energy producer partnerships to expand business opportunities.

The joint venture will encourage the treatment and re-use of produced water in every oil and natural gas producing basin, says John Schmitz, Select Energy Services CEO.

The agreement also boosts Fountain Quail’s Rover mobile water treatment system (pictured), an in-field technology that can treat up to 10,000 barrels of flowback and produced water per day, outputting clean brine that can be re-used in a broad range of drilling operations. The company says the technology reduces the costs of water sourcing, storage, disposal and transportation by enabling producers to recycle water on-demand near the wellhead. The mobile configuration is suitable for virtually any drilling location, Fountain Quail says.

Water treatment and technology companies stand to grow their profits as oil and gas companies feel the pressure to cut their freshwater use in Texas and other dry areas of the country — where much of the fracking is happening.

Last month month Global Industrial Water began a 14-day trial to find a treatment or series of treatments whereby produced water from oil and gas operations can be reused in fracking, as well as for agricultural, municipal and industrial uses.

The company says this potential new water supply would alleviate the pressure on conventional water supplies, provide an environmentally friendly alternative to re-injection and be drought-proof.

ThermoEnergy and STW Resources in July completed a successful pilot test of ThermoEnergy’s TurboFrac produced water recycling system at a major oil producer’s site near Midland, Texas.


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