Schneider Launches Uninterruptible Power Supply, Data Center Cooling System

by | Sep 26, 2013

Energy Manage EcoAisleSchneider Electric debuted two new products this week, a cooling system for data centers and a lithium-ion battery back-up that offers uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

EcoAisle (pictured) is its intelligent thermal containment system, which increases data center cooling efficiency. Schneider says it allows data center managers to realize a 50 percent reduction in fan energy usage over traditional cooling systems by monitoring airflow balance between the cooling system and IT equipment and adjusting the cooling system fan speed automatically to right-size the airflow based on IT load.

Schneider says it is flexible and can work with different rack sizes and heights and allows for fire safety measures such as detecting thermal events and enables full access to the sprinkler system.

The company also launched the Back-UPS Pro 500, a UPS for networking equipment and PC systems utilizing an advanced lithium-ion battery for extended service life. Schneider says its network management capability allows remote optimization of energy controls, or automated power “reboot” of frozen network devices, so users no longer need to be at home to physically unplug and restart a frozen router or modem. It can also power up performance PC systems and provides automated shutdown capability through the USB management port.

Another feature of its energy management skills is that it can power off peripherals via what it calls the “Smart Outlets” when the primary component and the Master Outlet are shut down or shut off, eliminating idle power draw of equipment not in use. When the primary component is detected to be running again, power at the Smart Outlets is automatically restored.

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