Peregrine Targets Equipment Schedules to Save Energy

by | Sep 27, 2013

Energy Manage PeregrinePeregrine Energy Group’s new suite of services, Peregrine Focus on Building Performance, combines equipment monitoring, data analysis and guidance from experts to reduce energy waste that occurs when equipment runs more than it should.

A retro-commissioning offering, the service targets equipment schedules as a key source of energy savings.

Peregrine’s monitoring identifies exactly which equipment drives energy use and schedules change recommendations. Ongoing monitoring catches new problems. Typical discoveries from pilot projects included buildings that start up too early, equipment that ran when the building was unoccupied, simultaneous heating and cooling, poorly programmed energy management systems and maintenance issues.

Peregrine Focus on Building Performance is designed to make energy use more transparent to building owners and managers without overwhelming them with data. Peregrine’s energy data systems collects, analyzes, and distills minute-by-minute equipment-use data and interval meter data into reports.

Peregrine plans to target municipalities, small colleges and universities and commercial office buildings with this new service.

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