Lopoco Server Named ‘Most Efficient Certified to Date’

by | Sep 19, 2013

Energy Manage - PowerAssure logoPower Assure, developer of the PAR4 energy efficiency standard adopted by Underwriters Laboratories and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, announced that its recent certification of Low Power Company’s (Lopoco’s) server model number LP-4250-6H achieved an Absolute PAR4 energy efficiency value of 2,108 and a 2012 Vintage PAR4 value of 1,508, each the highest result of all servers certified to date.

Configured with a 2.5Ghz, 4 core Intel Xeon E3 processor, 8GB RAM and 6TB of hard disk storage, the server consumed less than 68 Watts of power at full load, earning it the highest “Green” PAR4 Energy Efficiency Rating.

The patented PAR4 standard allows hardware vendors to publish independent energy efficiency figures for their servers, allowing data center managers and IT professionals to select the most energy efficient machines for their application. The Absolute PAR4 value provides a comparable number representing the computational power actually delivered for each unit of electricity consumed, while the Vintage PAR4 value adjusts the result to take into account the server’s year of manufacture, according to the principles of Moore’s Law.

Traditional energy efficiency standards don’t take account of evolution, according to Power Assure. As an example, a server with a 2012 Vintage PAR4 rating of 1,000 would only score 950 had it not been introduced until 2013.

In addition to energy efficiency, the PAR4 certification process determines power consumption at idle and full load, as well as other characteristics, such as boot time, peak power-on current and power factor. This information helps data center managers who otherwise have to rely on the manufacturer’s power supply rating information, which indicates the specification limits, not what the machine will actually consume.

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