Use Electronic Descalers to Prevent Pipe Buildup

by | Aug 20, 2013

Three pipesElectronic descaling is a proven method to prevent harmful buildups in pipes in an environmentally sound manner, reports Pollution Engineering.

Buildups can harm the operations of any number of industries and affect many different types of equipment including boilers, heat exchangers, chillers or any type of water-fed apparatus. Oil wells, for example, face significant scaling problems from the highly mineralized water extracted with the oil. US industry spends billions of dollars fighting scaling problems each year, the article says.

Unlike other preventative techniques, electronic descaling devices do not stop particles that may cause buildup from heading down the pipe. Instead, they change the particles shape to make them less likely to stick to pipe walls. Such devices can also result in softening or loosening of existing scaling.

Although it is usually possible to find a chemical solution to the problem, the use of electronic descalers also avoids the use of potentially harmful chemicals in the descaling process, the magazine reports.

Earlier this month, Genesis Water Technologies launched a GWT series natural zeolite media filtration system that it says is capable of serving a wide range of applications including drinking water, wastewater effluent, commercial/industrial process water and air pollution applications.

The company says the filtration system can be used in a variety of industry applications including: power industry, beverage industry, oil and gas industry, food processing, industrial/municipal waste water (such as specific heavy metals, process water and wastewater treatment), seawater/surface water reverse osmosis pretreatment, aquaculture and specialty applications including flue gas cleaning.

Photo Credit: Ranjith Siji via Flickr

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