Schools Roundup: QZAB Funds Available in Arizona, Cenergistic Recognizes NJ Schools, Middletown Ohio District Retrofit

by | Jul 25, 2013

Cenergistic logoThere is $28 million available for Arizona schools for facility updates and energy efficiency projects via federal qualified zone academy bonds (QZAB). These funds are made available to school districts for rehabilitating or repairing their facilities.

Energy conservation company Cenergistic recognized the Barnegat Township School District in Barnegat, NJ for achieving a nearly 40 percent savings in energy costs over 30 months. The district saved $1.8 million during that time period, implementing Cenergistic’s energy conservation tactics. With the Cenergistic program, all the costs came out of the existing utility budget, with savings that more than paid for the program. Cenergistic helps organizations reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and water by optimizing clients’ infrastructure and making behavioral changes.

The Middletown School District in Middletown, Ohio, is again partnering with Innovative Energy Solutions for more energy upgrades to its facilities from which it expects to save $98,200 more per year, reports the Middletown Journal. The new project will retrofit outside lighting fixtures at the district’s eight elementary schools with LED bulbs. Inside the school buildings, 32-watt bulbs will be replaced with 28-watt bulbs, and any existing incandescent bulbs will be replaced with compact fluorescents. In addition, the new project includes a retrofit of the electrical system and lighting fixtures at Barnitz Stadium. The total cost of the project is about $846,600 with an 8.6-year payback. The new energy savings will be on top of the current $500,000 savings each year on the district’s electric bill from previous energy savings upgrades.

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