Ecova Customers Cut Electric Consumption Intensity 8.8%, Shows Study

by | Jul 15, 2013

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Ecova’s second annual Big Data Look at Energy Trends: 2008-2012 report shows a decrease in total electric consumption intensity of 8.8 percent and a 6 percent decrease in peak demand based on Ecova’s big data warehouse, which this year pulled from 150,000 facilities of Ecova’s customers.

From a vertical view, many retail organizations have slashed more than 12 percent of consumption from their portfolios since 2008, while healthcare was the only industry to not see a decrease.

Highlights from Big Data Look at Energy Trends: 2008-2012

  • In conjunction with the reduction in electricity consumption, the study reveals a corresponding 6 percent reduction in peak demand. This shows that organizations are making significant investments in hardware and behavioral changes to reduce peak demand.
  • The cost of electricity has decreased between 2008 and 2012; however, there are wide variances between regulated and deregulated markets. In deregulated markets the study uncovers a decrease in electric prices of 14 percent, however in regulated markets, electric prices have increased 4 percent.
  • Natural gas prices have exhibited a much steeper drop of 36 percent since 2008.
  • Energy usage has declined in all vertical markets except Healthcare (Inpatient).
  • Water and sewer prices have climbed by almost 30 percent since 2008.

For this benchmark report, Ecova leverages information from more than 25,000 MW of electricity demand reaching back more than a decade. Its energy data warehouse incorporates consumption and cost data from just over 8 percent of the total US commercial and industrial electric load.

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