Trane Chiller Reduces Sound Levels

by | Jun 21, 2013

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Trane chillerTrane’s new Stealth air-cooled chiller, available in the 150-300 ton capacity range, delivers a combination of part-load and full-load efficiencies and low sound levels.

Quiet operation is designed into every Stealth air-cooled chiller as standard, along with two optional InvisiSound acoustic reduction treatments available to meet specific application needs. ? The key to low sound levels is the combination of variable-speed compressors, variable-speed condenser fans and an integrated compressor muffler.

Because variable-speed compressors and condenser fans only operate as fast as demand levels require, their overall sound levels are less than those of constant-speed units. The integrated compressor muffler reduces sound even more — up to 10 decibels (dB) when compared to the previous compressor designs.

For additional sound reduction, the InvisiSound Superior package adds acoustical treatments to key sound-generating components. For installations that require the lowest published sound levels for an air-cooled chiller, the InvisiSound Ultimate package features a user-selectable noise-reduction mode that can be activated to limit the maximum condenser fan speed, achieving even lower sound levels and unit operation management to comply with nighttime and weekend noise restrictions.

At the core of the Stealth chiller’s performance is AdaptiSpeed technology – the integration of a direct-drive, specific-speed screw compressor, permanent-magnet motors and third-generation Trane Adaptive Frequency Drive. As a result, the Stealth air-cooled chiller is capable of up to a 12.1 energy efficiency ratio (EER), minimizing the electrical infrastructure required as well as the impact of demand-based utility costs during periods of peak operation. The design also delivers up to 20 integrated part-load value (IPLV) to drive lower overall electrical consumption and ensure energy savings across typical operating conditions.

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