Clean Diesel Cuts Fuel Usage 10.7%

by | Jun 12, 2013

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The city of Dublin, Ohio, has reported significant cost savings and emissions reductions following a change to high performance clean diesel (HPCD) in 2012.

EcoChem Alternative Fuels supplies the HPCD fuel.

After monitoring fuel usage for 18 months, the city reported a drop of 10.7 percent in fuel consumption. On average, the HPCD fuel when combusted produced 22 PPM less emissions than the same bus operating on ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) as a fuel. HPCD fuel provided an additional 1.0 MPG over the ULSD fuel, the city reported.

The city said that the initiative is one of the city’s more successful efficiency programs. Their research indicated that the switch to the high performance, low emission fuel could reduce emissions by 12-13 percent. Dublin conducted an 18-month trial of the purified super diesel that is processed through a multistage filtration and hydrocarbon-cracking system.

Dublin  tested with nine school buses changing them from ULSD to HPCD. For every bus in the study, the fuel efficiency of vehicles using HPCD was higher than the ULSD buses, according to the report on the trial.

EcoChem Alternative Fuels says more than 1 million gallons HPCD fuel has been used in field trials and it is currently running trials in several communities in Central Ohio.

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