Wireless LED Controllers Speed ROI

by | May 29, 2013

AEG lighting controllerAccording to AEG Power Solutions, the value proposition of LED lighting is its payback over a long period of time, and AEG aims to reduce that payback period with its new ZCM-C range of controller modules based on wireless mesh networking.

The controllers provide energy savings by allowing LED light fixtures to supply only the amount of light actually required at any instant. Users can set the light level by timeslots, and can link individual lights to motion sensors and light sensors as required for added flexibility. They can be used in indoor or outdoor applications where they can offer incremental savings of up to 70 percent or higher for an LED-based lighting installation, according to AEG.

AEG recommends the controllers for smaller installations such as parking lots, warehouses or campus lighting. They are capable of standalone operation without the need for a central controller. The ZCM-C controller also can be used to retrofit existing lighting, based on fluorescent, high intensity discharge or other legacy technologies.

The controllers operate in a Zigbee network based on the Zigbee standard.

Wireless mesh networking allows operation over a wide area while completely eliminating the need for control wiring.

The ZCM-C interfaces to the driver or lighting ballast via an industry-standard 0-10V dimming signal, and includes a switched output to allow full control of the AC power to the light fixture. The modules are self-powered from wide range AC input and provide a low voltage auxiliary output for use with motion sensors, light sensors or other equipment.

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