Novinda Introduces Enhanced Non-Carbon Reagent for Mercury Capture

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by | May 7, 2013

power plantNovinda, which makes non-carbon mercury removal products, has announced the next-generation of its reagent for mercury emissions capture. The company says its Amended Silicates HgX provides better performance for removing mercury from coal-fired power plant flue gas emissions compared to its earlier product.

In data from long-term, full-scale power plant testing, AS HgX delivered up to 60 percent greater performance to meet the same EPA Mercury and Air Toxics Standards than Novinda’s first-generation Amended Silicates product, AS-022, the company says. AS HgX performance results are based on side-by-side testing at multiple full-scale coal-fired power plants in 2012 and 2013.

Novinda says its Amended Silicates technology uses a patented chemical formulation that removes mercury with a chemical reaction. The base component is a natural mineral compound that amends with metal compounds that have an affinity for mercury. Amended Silicates is produced via natural chemical reactions that allow for low energy consumption during the production process.

The company says its mercury removal product works across a variety of power plant configuations and operating conditions. Amended Silicates is 100 percent compatible with fly ash use in concrete products and is less corrosive to the balance of plant, Novinda says. The new AS HgX product is commercially available at the same cost as Novinda’s first-generation product.



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