Schneider Intros 2 Lighting Controls

by | Apr 23, 2013

Schneider Electric architectural dimmerSchneider Electric introduced two new products to help facility managers save energy on lighting.

The first product – Energy Insight – is an enhancement to the company’s Measurement and Verification Panelboard (MVP) for lighting control. Combining circuit-zoning capabilities, energy data analytics and a customizable dashboard, the panelboards with Energy Insight provide detailed visibility into energy use information and abetter understanding of how various lighting and plug load energy conservation measures perform. MVP panelboards monitor energy usage by circuit, space, or complete lighting system.

Operating with most software-based analytic tools incorporating the Modbus communication protocol, the panelboards aggregate the energy consumed by multiple branch circuits into zones for a composite measurement. With the incorporation of the Energy Insight software, an appliance designed with a plug-and-play approach, panelboard data auto-populates into a web-based dashboard, automatically analyzing current, power (kW), energy (kWh), power factor and volt data on a per circuit, zone or panel basis.

Schneider Electric also announced the availability of two new architectural dimming systems, available in two styles: wall mount for small to mid-sized commercial spaces such as restaurants and schools; and rack mount (pictured) for larger applications such as convention centers and hotels. The wall mount style offers up to 30 channels of dimming, and the rack mount offers 120 channels. The systems save users energy by cutting power at the load level, rather than fixture level, when in power-off mode. These systems can also tie into other energy saving lighting control solutions, such as daylight harvesting systems, relay panels, occupancy controllers and occupancy sensors.

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