Legrand Employees Challenge Each Other to Save Energy

by | Mar 6, 2013

Employees of Legrand got into the competitive spirit in a company-wide Power Down Day held in November 2012, which resulted in a total energy intensity reduction for the day at nearly 25 percent.

Twenty-four Legrand sites and more than 2,500 employees across North America were part of the Power Down Day – a 24-hour concerted effort to save energy within and across facilities.

There was competition between the different sites with employees coming up with creative ways to best their colleagues. Energy saving examples included unplugging seldom used machines, changing personal computer sleep settings to two minutes, and holding a “brown bag” lunch day to avoid the use of refrigeration.

Besides the Power Down Day, Legrand has reduced its energy intensity by 20.2 percent over two years by making energy efficiency improvements via its involvement in the Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge.

Legrand shares the resources it develops as it works to reduce energy intensity across its North America facilities. An 18-page Legrand, North America Energy Policy includes detailed energy saving policies and procedures – including a focus on facilities, submetering, IT guidelines, purchasing and transportation guidelines, as well as a detailed reference section. Many of the recommendations in this policy were used for Power Down Day planning and implementation.  Another resource, a Power Down Day Toolkit, provides background information and tools for other companies to develop and hold a 24-hour Power Down Day event.

In addition, Legrand offers a 16-page Energy Management Handbook and an Energy Project Evaluation Tool at no cost.

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