Is Energy Management Synonymous with Time Management?

by | Mar 12, 2013

Of five low- or no-cost measures that energy managers can use to reduce energy at industrial and manufacturing companies, four of the measures involve time and load management, according to an article in Sustainable Plant.

The following measures can be employed if the energy manager has access to real-time monitoring and analysis of energy usage:

Identify Peak Energy Demand: Most businesses have fairly predictable demand curves and regular demand peaks. But the energy manager should look for irregular peaks caused by intermittent use of high-voltage mechanical systems, improperly programmed building management systems, or other mechanical system failures, says Sustainable Plant. The manager should schedule incidental peaks so they do not coincide with regular peak demand.

Weekend Energy Use: Determine optimal scheduling of production shut downs during weekends or off-shift periods.

Weeknight Set-Backs: With granular energy trend information, energy managers can see shallow drops in energy demand, which might indicate few pieces of equipment shutting down during off periods. The manager can then proactively schedule more automatic shut-downs.

Start-Up Spikes: Rather than turning on multiple mechanical systems simultaneously, the energy manager should gradually ramp up mechanical equipment in a staged manner.

Compressed Air Systems: Up to 20 percent of total electrical use in certain industries can come from air compression systems, says Sustainable Plant. Performing an air leak survey and addressing the leaks, can have a rapid payback.

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