Innovolt Protects Equipment from Power Outages in South Africa

by | Mar 5, 2013

First Distribution will distribute Innovolt’s intelligent electronics management technology throughout South Africa to help companies whose equipment gets damaged because of the country’s electricity crisis.

Since 2008, South Africa has struggled with ongoing outages, blackouts and power disturbances that lead to damaged computers and other electronic equipment. While power outages not only impact productivity for businesses in the region, they limit growth in a nation that is a major contributor of sub-Saharan Africa’s economic output.

Companies, especially those that rely heavily on technology such as data centers, need to have a constant and uninterrupted power supply.

Innovolt’s technology allows business and consumer electronic equipment to last longer by keeping the devices protected from 99.5 percent of common power disturbances, according to the company. Atlanta-based Innovolt’s technology differs from Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and filtering technologies, says the company. Its technology resides between the public power grid and equipment requiring protection. Using a series of patented algorithms and protocols, the platform has three major components:

  1. By monitoring and measuring details of incoming power, the platform creates signatures for profiling in real-time against known disturbances.
  2. The system then compares real-time power signatures to profiles of scenarios known to inflict damage to electronics. By instantly comparing millions of potential combinations of profiles and signatures, a central microprocessor system then determines the most effective steps for remediation and activates the Core Protection Circuitry.
  3. The Core Protection Circuitry delivers the proper buffer between the incoming damaging power event and electronic device, preserving the unit’s performance and integrity.

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