Fox TV Show Uses Green Set

by | Jan 24, 2013

Ecor Global, a subsidiary of Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation, has used its eco-friendly Ecor panels to create a set for 20th Century Fox’s comedy series “Raising Hope.”

Some 45 of the company’s patented Ecor panels were used to create a modern hotel suite (pictured) for a two-part episode of the show.  All of the panel sections, walls and ceiling soffits were custom built in San Diego, based on designs and drawings provided by the show. The panels were then delivered to 20th Century Fox’s Los Angeles studio.

Ecor is a recycled, lightweight panel product that is strong and as little as a quarter the weight of conventional wood product panels, Noble says. The product is 100 percent USDA Certified bio-based and made with 100 percent cellulose fibers, including post-consumer paper, forest wood and agricultural raw material sources.  Ecor contains no toxic additives or adhesives, the company says.

Additionally, Ecor produced three doors, a headboard, and additional flat panels veneered with bamboo. Light weight MDF was used for molding and trim pieces.

Noble developed a method for connecting the flat panels using long strips of two-ply WavCor. 20th Century Fox committed to integrating environmentally friendly paint, wallpaper, glue and carpet to complete the sustainable set, Ecor said.

Raising Hope’s art director John Zachary calls the ongoing use of tropical hardwoods in set construction “an environmental tragedy” and says that this experiment provided a cost-efficient alternative to unsustainable forest products. Zachary hopes the project will lead to more environmentally friendly set construction.

In May last year, Fox Entertainment Group was among the 54 companies that joined the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program for the first time. The EDF Climate Corps fellowship places specially trained MBA and MPA students in companies, cities and universities to identify and assess cost-effective opportunities to save energy and reduce emissions. Other companies joining the program at that time included Google and Pfizer.

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