Capilix, Intellitect, Dynamax Top Water Quality Analytics Ratings

by | Jan 11, 2013

Capilix, Intellitect, and Dynamax are among 13 startups poised to make huge technology advances in the $1.5 billion global water quality analytics market, according to a report by Lux Research.

The report,“Dropwise: Leveraging the Revolutionary Value of Next-Generation Water Quality Analytics,” projects the market will grow at about 5 percent a year.

The report provides an overall take of water analytics technology developers, assessing each company’s maturity. The study places each company on a Lux Innovation Grid based on the firms’ technical value and business execution. Companies strong on both axes reach the dominant quadrant.

Advances in analytics techniques, driven over the past two decades by research in the pharmaceutical industry, have begun to find their ways into water analytics, said Brent Giles, lead author of the report and senior analyst at Lux Research.

A number of companies have potential in this area, notably Fluid Measurement, Hydrospin, Intellitect and Capilex.

For instance, Intellitect has made advances in standard probes and offers a suite of common sensors that can be used on a single pipe, helping drinking water companies monitor water quality in their distribution systems.

Netherlands-based Capilix, which uses miniaturized capillary electrophoresis sensors to monitor water quality, is poised to tap the agriculture market, the report said.

Dynamax, which is building a library of indicators to quantify heavy metals at the part per billion level, has high technical value because its technology can handle difficult environments and offer continuous monitoring, the report said.

Dynamax and Capilix were also pinpointed in a separate Lux Research analysis as two companies with the best potential to transform the food industry with water-saving technology.

The food and beverage industry, under increasing pressure to grow capacity for the world in the face of environmental challenges, is seeking out companies to control its massive water risk, Lux Research said. The report ranks 39 companies that have developed water-saving technology, based on their technical value and business execution.

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