GE Finances Upgrades for Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

by | Dec 5, 2012

GE Capital, the company’s financing arm, is offering a new financing program targeted at organizations that must maintain an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

The financing will help facilities to upgrade or expand their mission-critical electrical infrastructure. Organizations such as healthcare facilities, financial institutions and data centers typically use UPS systems to provide uninterrupted power in any situation in which an unexpected and extended power disruption can occur.

GE Capital is now offering financing to qualified customers who purchase systems such as the SG Series UPS with eBoost software. Customers can arrange a single monthly payment that covers the product as well as installation and regular maintenance services. The energy-saving equipment is the collateral that backs the loan, and the financing is available for companies that have facility retrofitting needs on all their Power Quality Products as long as it includes one of GE’s UPS product lines, which includes but is not limited to those with the eBoost Technology, according to a spokeswoman for GE.

GE’s eBoost increases power quality in new and existing facilities with up to 98.5 percent efficiency, where the cost of electricity is 9 cents per kWh. Also, eBoost provides UPS modules with high-efficiency and fast-power transfers. It continuously monitors utility power quality and activates double conversion mode only when utility power quality falls outside the user’s power quality requirements, reducing the amount of time spent in a less efficient traditional double conversion mode.

The software also allows the user to bypass the power conversion under normal power system conditions, which in turn saves energy. The transfer from high-efficiency mode to inverter can be completed within 2 milliseconds after eBoost recognizes that the system fails to meet the user’s power requirements. The software also increases reliability and redundancy by enabling up to six UPS modules to operate in parallel and by eliminating single points of failure.

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