Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Installs Passive Dehumidification HVAC

by | Nov 8, 2012

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Heat Pipe Technology, a division of MiTek, installed a passive energy recovery and dehumidification HVAC system for the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, in Tampa Bay, Fla. The new HVAC design at the 226,700-sq-foot hotel is projected to save 464,000 KWh each year, for a yearly savings of $37,000. With those savings, the hotel will also reduce its CO2 output by 320 metric tons.

The Grand Hyatt Tampa will see a complete return on investment for the new HVAC system in 3.5 years, and then it will experience the ongoing yearly savings thereafter. With HPT’s solutions in place, the Grand Hyatt Tampa has consistently recorded 75°F and 50 percent relative humidity on its guest floors during the hottest part of the Florida summer, even as the hotel has reduced its HVAC operating costs.

HPT’s passive dehumidification systems are designed to lower humidity levels, while avoiding the need to overcool or reheat air for general use in a building. Passive dehumidification heat pipe systems have no moving parts.

An HPT wrap-around heat pipe system occupies a place on both sides of an HVAC cooling coil: the warm side, for pre-cooling incoming air, and the cold side, where air often has to be reheated before use in living/working areas, even in summer, because it required over-cooling during the dehumidification process. By distributing the heat around the HVAC cooling coil to where it is needed, HPT allows facilities to avoid the energy cost required to reheat air.

The Grand Hyatt system now has a 650-ton cooling load, with a 700-ton York chiller. It took 15 days onsite to implement the HPT solution, which was put in place after eight weeks of planning and manufacture.

HPT recently announced it is relocating to a new headquarters and an expanded manufacturing and testing facility in Tampa. The new HPT facility is 45 percent larger than its old facility.

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