Schools Include Energy Education Along With Facility Upgades

by | Oct 25, 2012

Two educational institutions in Michigan and one in Ohio are including energy-efficiency training as part of their energy efforts.Clinton-Massie Local School District in Clarksville, Ohio, will implement an energy conservation project with help from Energy Optimizers, USA. The school district is utilizing funding mechanisms through the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s House Bill 264 program. The energy conservation project is expected to produce a net cash flow of $98,213 per year, with an 8.1-year payback.

The $796,564 project consists of lighting retrofits, HVAC controls and programming, real-time energy management. The boilers will be converted from using fuel oil to the less expensive propane fuel. The project will include installation of smart controls on kitchen exhaust hoods and walk-in freezers throughout the district. Energy Optimizers, USA will also work with the school district to implement an energy education and training program, tied to the curriculum, for students and staff.

In Sidney Township, Mich., Ameresco completed energy efficiency upgrades to Montcalm Community College as part of a $1.2 million energy savings performance contract. Ameresco implemented various infrastructure upgrades and energy saving measures across the college’s two campuses. The new equipment and energy management system installed will allow the college to save an estimated $129,000 annually over the ten-year contract without the burden of up-front capital investment.

Per the contract, Ameresco installed lighting and HVAC upgrades, an energy management system to increase control over energy consuming systems, as well as vending machine controls and building envelope enhancements. Ameresco also provided energy efficiency training to staff to help MCC develop campus-wide energy standards.

Also in Michigan, the Flint School District hired Dallas-based Cenergistic to find cost savings in the district’s energy expenses. The five-year deal includes contractually guaranteed savings, according to The Flint Journal. The district has to front $6,650 to start the program.

Cenergistic trains its clients’ personnel to implement behavioral and organizational changes that reduce energy consumption without the purchase of new equipment.

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