Power Assure Says PAR4 Measurement Service Maximizes IT Power, Space

by | Sep 16, 2012

Power Assure has unveiled the PAR4Measurement Service designed to measure the true idle and peak power consumption of IT equipment in a rack or an entire data center.

The measurement service was designed to maximize IT power and space constraints, freeing-up stranded power and increasing IT capacity, the company says.

Power Assure says that the increasing demand for new applications is causing data centers to run out of power, even when the racks or rooms are half-full. Data centers are typically provisioned based on the power consumption figures provided by the vendor on the server nameplate label. These figures are designed to be conservative and overstated, leaving much-needed power stranded throughout the data center rather than being put to productive use. With the PAR4 Measurement Service, companies get accurate power data to help achieve best practices in data center power management and significantly improve efficiency in energy management.

The PAR4 Measurement Service includes: on-site visit by Power Assure technicians who perform all measurements using the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tested PAR4 methodology and equipment; PAR4 measurements and certificates providing true power usage for every measured server at four power levels, powered off, idle, loaded, and peak, along with the waveform of the power cycle; periodic access to additional measurements based on a customer’s hardware refresh cycle; access to Power Assure’s award-winning EM/4 Energy Management Dashboard for rack and server performance monitoring and comparisons; and an upgrade path to EM/4 Capacity Planning, ROI and Lifecycle Analytics.

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