Hyatt Sustainability Report: Waste Intensity Cut 3%

by | Jun 28, 2012

Hotel chain Hyatt has decreased its waste intensity by 3 percent year-on-year, according to the company’s 2011 corporate sustainability report.

In 2010, the year Hyatt began recording its waste intensity, the company produced 2.1 kg of waste per guest night. By 2011 this figure had dropped to 2 kg of waste per guest night.

At the company’s Park Hyatt Maldives location, every visitor is given a briefing on how to reduce their environmental impact on the local island. The hotel’s “Green Team” runs “Waste Awareness” workshops on neighboring islands and also holds periodic beach clean-up days. Hyatt describes the hotel’s recycling regime – where even glass is crushed and reused – as “diligently implemented.”

The company has a goal of reducing its waste intensity by 25 percent by 2015 against the 2010 baseline, and now boasts recycling at 88 percent of its hotels, the report says.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, progress has been slowing. Despite a 10 percent drop since 2006, the hotel chain’s greenhouse gas intensity flatlined from 2010 to 2011 at 141 kg of CO2 equivalent per square meter of space. The company has a goal of reducing its greenhouse gas intensity by 25 percent by 2015 against a 2006 baseline.

The Grand Hyatt Singapore has a trigeneration system that converts waste heat into electricity, heating and cooling. The system reduces carbon emissions by 1,200 tons a year, and electricity use by about 12 percent and diesel consumption by 60,000 liters annually.

In October 2011, the company was one of a group of 12 hotel chains, including Hilt0n and Marriott, that announced plans to create a single methodology for calculating carbon footprints and emissions.

Hyatt’s energy intensity showed a less that 1 percent improvement year on year, from 1,242 megajoules of energy per square meter of space in 2010 to 1,233 in 2011. The 2011 figure represents a 9 percent decrease in the metric since Hyatt’s 2006 baseline, but progress has been stuck at around a 9 percent reduction since 2009. Hyatt is targeting a 25 percent reduction by 2015 measured against the 2006 baseline.

Despite the somewhat-stalled progress, the hotel chain does have a number of energy efficient measure installed in its hotels. Hyatt now has energy-efficient lighting at 97 percent of its locations. Energy management systems that can centrally adjust guestroom thermostats are installed at 29 percent of its hotels. Hyatt regularly integrates energy management systems into new construction and renovations, the report says.

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