Walkers to Make Chip Bags from Potato Peels

by | Oct 11, 2010

Walkers, a leading UK foods maker of potato chips and other snacks, is looking at new ways to make its packaging more environmentally friendly, reports The Telegraph.

Richard Evans, president of PepsiCo UK and Ireland, which owns Walkers, said the foods company has already developed “crisp” or potato chip bags made out of cellulose from wood pulp but now plans to use potato peels to make its snack bags environmentally friendly, according to the newspaper.

Evans said on a radio program that wood pulp bags tend to be “crackly” and was afraid that “would put consumers off.”

His fears aren’t unfounded. Frito-Lay recently announced it was transitioning most of its SunChip bags back to traditional packaging due to consumer complaints about the noisy bags.

The new packaging made out of potato peels could be on the shelves within 18 months, starting with Walker’s smaller brands.

PepsiCo UK has several environmental initiatives in place, which has included calculating the carbon footprint of each bag of its signature Walkers Crisps, and cutting landfill-bound waste to zero at seven plants.

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