Verdiem to Supply Cisco with Energy Management Software

by | Apr 28, 2010

Verdiem has signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Cisco that will deliver the first total energy management system for Cisco’s EnergyWise-enabled devices including IP phones, wireless access points, edge switches and power over Ethernet (PoE) devices.

The new software solution will serve as the foundation for Cisco’s EnergyWise Orchestrator, a turnkey power management solution for IT assets which Verdiem says will create a unified energy management solution for PCs and networked devices, letting businesses measure, manage and monitor both their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Verdiem’s software enables IT managers to centrally set power policies for networked PCs, such as putting them on standby after a certain amount of time or turning them off at night, reports CNET.

The company is working to extend EnergyWise to monitor and manage the energy of building systems including heating, ventilation and lighting, according to CNET.

Under the agreement, Cisco will market and sell Verdiem’s new energy management system under the Cisco EnergyWise Orchestrator brand.

Customers who have deployed Verdiem’s PC power management solution have achieved energy savings of 30 to 60 percent and a payback on their investment within 6 to 12 months. Implementing power management features can save businesses $20 to $60 per computer workstation, according to a recent report from Beacon Consultants Network.

In other software deals, McKinstry has acquired the Enterprise Energy Management Suite (EEM Suite) software group from Itron. The acquisition is expected to expand the energy-efficiency company’s smart building offerings.

McKinstry has licensed EEM Suite, an internet-based application that monitors buildings’ energy and water usage, from Itron since 2007 as a part of its facility management offering to clients. The software platform, which integrates all utility-related data, helps McKinstry find ways to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

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