Intel Tops Ranking of EPA Fortune 500 Green Power Purchasers

by | Apr 27, 2010

Intel retains its leadership position as the Environmental Protection Agency’s largest green power purchaser among Fortune 500 companies with a purchase of more than 1.4 billion kWh per year. Kohl’s, Whole Foods Market, Dell and Johnson & Johnson round out the top five power purchasers.

Whole Foods Market, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola and GE Healthcare-Headquarters Office all made gains on the EPA’s ranking, while Capital One, General Dynamics Land Systems’ Central Office and Scranton Office, and Johnson Controls all appeared for the first time on the list.

Intel gets 51 percent of its energy needs from renewable energy. Kohl’s comes in second at nearly 1.4 billion kWh, which accounts for 100 percent of its energy needs. Whole Foods, which ranks No. 3, offsets 100 percent of its North American electricity use with wind energy credits for the fourth year running.

Over the past three years, the EPA’s corporate partners have increased their voluntary green power commitments by more than 30 percent, while the list of Fortune 500 members grew by 20 percent, totaling 61 companies that buy more than 7 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power, the equivalent environmental impact of avoiding the annual carbon-dioxide emissions from electricity use of nearly 644,000 average American homes.

This exceeds the EPA’s goal set in 2006 that Fortune 500 companies purchase more than 5 billion kWh of green power purchases.

Here is a list of the top ten with their annual purchases.

— Intel: 1,433,200,000 kWh

— Kohl’s Department stores: 1,367,376,000 kWh

— Whole Foods Market: 817,400,000  kWh

— Dell: 431,058,000 kWh

— Johnson & Johnson: 416,510,688

— Cisco Systems: 400,996,000 kWh

— Wal-Mart Stores: 243,328,000 kWh

— Starbucks: 237,000,000 kWh

— BNY Mellon: 229,500,000 kWh

— Kimberly-Clark: 192,730,000 kWh

Click here for the list of top Fortune 500 green power purchasers.

The EPA also announced some significant green power purchase increases by non-Fortune 500 members including Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Hilton Worldwide, and Montgomery County, Maryland, Clean Energy Buyers Group.

Montgomery County, Maryland, Clean Energy Buyers Group is purchasing more than 161 million kWh of green power annually, which is enough to power 30 percent of the group’s electricity use.

Hilton Worldwide, appears for the first time on EPA’s National Top 50 list of green power purchasers. The company purchased 102,000,000 kWh of green power annually, which meets 29 percent of the organization’s electricity use.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is purchasing 60 million kWh of green power annually, which meets 20 percent of the organization’s electricity use.

Here’s a list of the EPA Top 50 Green Power Partners.

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