16 Tips for Small Businesses to Save Energy

by | Jan 4, 2010

small businessFrom occupancy sensors for lighting to HVAC improvements, there are a multitude of ways for small businesses to reduce their energy use. Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) recently put together a list of tips for small business owners to implement.

1. Install occupancy sensors to control bathroom lighting and fans.

2. Install occupancy sensors to control lighting in offices, conference rooms, break rooms and copier/printer rooms.

3. Upgrade general area lighting to task lighting.

4. Replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent fixtures.

5. Replace or retrofit all outdated T-12 fluorescent fixtures.

6. Upgrade old water heaters with on-demand, tankless systems.

7. Repair leaking hot water faucets.

8. Upgrade old industrial unit heaters to gas-fired infrared heaters.

9. Use a setback thermostat to save energy during the off-hours. PSE&G recommends setting it for 8 degrees above occupied cooling temperature and 8 degrees below occupied heating temperature during off hours.

10. Put Vending Misers on refrigerated beverage vending machines.

11. Turn off lights when leaving a room.

12. Dim lights in areas lit by sunny windows.

13. Turn off PCs at the end of the day.

14. Use printer and copier energy saving modes.

15. Decrease occupied heat settings to 68 degrees.

16. Increase occupied cooling settings to 74 degrees.

These are but a few ways for business owners to lessen their environmental impact while saving money.

Catherine Corley, Vice President of Strategy for Sam’s Club, recently wrote a guest column for Environmental Leader on other suggestions for small business owners regarding sustainability.

For five things to consider when choosing an energy management system, click here.

Companies also should consider their use of water, according to guest columnist Sharon Nunes,  Vice President of IBM Big Green Innovations.

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