Corporate Jetsetters Can be Carbon Offsetters

by | Nov 18, 2009

inJetA new program from InJet, which offers private corporate jet services, will allow companies and individuals to offset the emissions of their flights.

The InJet Green program, which is supported by TerraPass, allows customers to choose from different models of carbon offsetting, depending on the size of jet chosen.

The company often sells its services in 25-hour blocks.

Offsetting the 50 metric tons of carbon emissions associated with a 25-hour service on a light jet would cost $781.

The same flight on a medium jet, which generates 62.5 metric tons of CO2, would cost $945 to offset.

On a heavy jet, which would generate 125 metric tons of CO2, the cost shoots up to $1,765.

TerraPass invests the proceeds in wind farm projects.

Jet Republic, a European private business jet airline, also offers customers offsetting of carbon emissions from its Learjet 60 XR business jets. Offsetting is achieved through the purchase, based on a fee per flight hour, of Verified Emission Reduction credits through ClimateCare, a division of JP Morgan.

One of the first travel agencies to give fliers the option to offset the carbon emissions of their flights has ceased offering the program, Environmental Leader reported last month., a UK travel agency, had been offering the offsetting option since 2002. Now it believes the best way to address global emissions is to focus on reducing emissions in the travel industry, instead of offsetting them.

The New York Times has a big expose on the subject today, including Responsible Travel’s decision. The article points out how entities from Yahoo to the U.S. House of Representatives are cutting out use of carbon offsets.

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