Samsung Pays $205K for False Environmental Claims About Keyboard

by | Oct 22, 2009

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laptopSamsung, having advertised that its keyboards were antimicrobial and could inhibit germs and bacteria, found itself in the cross-hairs of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA fined Samsung $205,000 and ordered it to stop making the advertising claims, because Samsung had failed to register its products with EPA as a pesticide, according to a press release.

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act was put in place to regulate the sale and use of pesticides. Before a product can be registered, EPA must determine that the product does not cause unreasonable adverse effects to human health or the environment.

In addition to the fine, Samsung must show that it is in compliance with the law by removing all pesticidal claims made in connection with the sale and distribution of the keyboards. The Samsung NC10 was among the computers with keyboards advertising the antimicrobial properties.

Since the judgement, Samsung has notified retailers and distributors to remove any related claims from product packaging, store shelves and Web sites.

Dell also sells a netbook that has a keyboard treated for antimicrobial properties. That computer has been registered with the EPA.

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