Fuji Xerox Embraces ‘Love Earth Action’ in Corporate Culture

by | Jun 18, 2009

fujiWhat previously was a summertime internal marketing theme at Fuji Xerox will now become a year-round effort in its global operations, showing an example of how sustainability and environmentalism is becoming more ingrained in the corporate culture.

The “Love Earth Action Fuji Xerox (Leafx) Campaign” encourages employees to get involved in environmental protection and social action programs at work, in their local communities and at home, according to a press release.

Previously Fuji/Xerox’s Leafx campaign was held from June through September, primarily focusing on its Japanese operations.

Now that the campaign has gone global, more than 36,500 employees fall under the umbrella. Programs at offices and business sites

While at work, according to the release, employees are taking part in the following:

  • CO2 Reduction/Lights-Down Campaign – Fuji Xerox and its domestic affiliates will turn off their lighting facilities at 37 locations. Overseas affiliates also participate in this initiative.
  • Eco-Drive Initiative – The company’s sales representatives and customer engineers who use cars for their work will receive pamphlets on how to drive eco-consciously. They will also put eco-drive stickers on about 7,600 company cars in Japan to promote the initiative.
  • Energy-Saving Initiatives at Work – Fuji Xerox encourages energy conservation in daily activities in the workplace, particularly in the summer when power consumption grows, setting the room temperature to 28 degrees Celsius, turning lights off during breaks, switching off office equipment when not in use, and using the stairs whenever possible.

Away from work, employees are urged to engage in the following:

  • Candle Night by a Million People – Fuji Xerox participates in this campaign in which NGOs encourage people to turn off electricity at home and work from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm from June 20, summer solstice eve, to July 7.
  • Energy-Saving Initiatives at Home – This annual program encourages employees to reduce energy consumption in their homes during the summer holidays. Last year, power consumption in Fuji Xerox employees’ homes was reduced by 14.44 percent during the program period compared with before participating the program.
  • In July, employees will be invited to showcase their creativity at home, such as using cast-off clothes to make eco-bags or making bookshelves from recycled plastic bottles.

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