Mitsubishi Reduces CO2 Emissions by 65% Since 1991

by | Apr 28, 2009

environmentalvision2021Aiming for higher environmental goals over the next three years, Mitsubishi Electric has reduced its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during production by 65 percent compared to fiscal 1991.

The Japanese electronics maker has also reduced final disposal volume to 0.15 percent of total waste emissions and the company’s affiliates in Japan achieved its target of 1.0 percent of total waste emissions under its Fifth Environmental plan, implemented from April 2006 to March 2009.

As part of the company’s Environmental Vision 2021 sustainability framework announced in 2007, Mitsubishi’s Sixth Environmental plan for the next three years targets the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from production by a total of 95,000 tons to 930,000 tons, which represents an 18 percent decrease from fiscal 1991, and VOC emissions by 40 percent compared to fiscal 2001.

The target for non-consolidated carbon dioxide emissions will be set at 510,000 tons, for a reduction of 48,000 tons over the next three years and a 24-percent decrease from fiscal 1991. Overseas affiliates are expected to contribute by reducing 26,000 tons of carbon dioxide, and affiliates in Japan target a reduction of 21,000 tons over the next three years.

To help cut CO2 emissions in production activities, Mitsubishi will enhance the efficiency of its equipment such as air conditioners in the plants, improve its production lines, introduce inverters and reexamine output reference values and operation conditions, reports Tech-On.

Mitsubishi also plans to open a large-scale plastic recycling factory in the fiscal year ending March 2010, and will use its original high-purity, self-circulating recycling system to reduce virgin material input in products. The company also plans to implement products to reduce greenhouse gas emission, and to further reduce final disposal volume and disposable packaging materials.

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