What Makes Office Furniture Sustainable

by | Mar 3, 2009

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cubicle2Companies put a lot of thought into corporate social responsibility, mostly from an inside-out way of thinking. That is, what will the public think about this?

Another way to build a culture of sustainability in an office setting is to use sustainable practices in choosing cubicles and other modular office furniture.

According to this article, companies should look at the following aspects, as identified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and its  Green Building Rating System.

  • The amount and type of packing material used to deliver the items to the site. Is each piece individually boxed, or is it delivered in a large truck wrapped in blankets?
  • The amount of recycled content in modular office furniture.
  • The location of manufacture. Using items made within 500 miles of the building cuts down on the carbon footprint.
  • The use of renewable materials in the furniture. Using items made from fast-maturing plants (those that can be harvested in 10 years or less) decreases the impact on forests and longer life cycle plants.
  • The toxicity of adhesives and finishes used on the modular office furniture. Seek to reduce or eliminate harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the office.

Here are 10 ways to promote green initiatives that will have staying power in your organization.

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