Free Computer Energy Saving Program Open to Business Use

by | Feb 26, 2009

A series of protocols for reducing energy use by computers that often needlessly run 24/7 is now available for businesses to adopt.

The University of Liverpool developed the Powerdown program, which essentially logs users out after extended periods of non-use, then shuts down the machine without any loss of

PowerDown consists of two batch files and two freeware utilities.

According to the press release, the setup batch file:

  • Creates a Windows scheduled task to run the power-saving batch file after X minutes of idle time.
  • Copies the power-saving batch file somewhere local.
  • Copies the two freeware utilities into the system.

The power-saving batch file:

  • Is run when the scheduled task notices that there have been X minutes of idle time.
  • Checks whether the computer has opted out of power-saving.
  • Checks whether anybody is logged in.
  • If not, it shuts down.

In related news, universities worldwide are being challenged to power down campus computers to help reduce CO2 emissions. The campaign was launched by Climate Savers Computing Initiative, in partnership with EPA’s Energy Star program.

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