Top 10 Green Jobs of the Next Decade

by | Jan 16, 2009

farmer.jpgFast Company has created a list of what it considers to be the best green jobs for the coming decade.

The top 5:

1. Farmer – America’s two million farmers are now in their mid-fifties. Since sustainable agriculture needs local, small-scale farms, there will be more need for farmers.

2. Forester – The World Bank says 1.6 billion people depend on the forest for their livelihoods and foresters can teach cultivation of higher-value and faster-growing plant, vegetable, or timber species.

3. Solar Power Installer – Although Colorado recently said the number of rooftop solar installations are down, the Solar Energy Industries Association predicts an increase to over 110,000 jobs by 2016 from the 25,000 people currently hired in the industry.

4. Green MBA and Entrepreneur – A recent report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors found that businesses such as legal, research, and consulting account for over 400,000 or the majority of all green jobs.

5. Energy Efficiency Builder – Last year as more companies began building green buildings, the National Association of Home Builders reported an increase in demand for green building professionals. But builders are advised to do due diligence and pay attention to contracts in the wake of the first LEED-related lawsuit in the U.S.

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