New Car CO2 Emissions Down 5% From Last Year

by | Oct 27, 2008

jeep.jpgAccording to new research by Clean Green Cars, all but two automakers have cut their average CO2 emissions this year. The average CO2 figure from a new car in September 2008 was down 4.5 percent to about 157 g/km of CO2, from 164 g/km of CO2 in September 2007; the reduction is the sharpest fall yet seen over a 12 month period.

Automakers have been saying that it would be impossible to meet the European Union’s target of reducing emissions to 130 g/km of CO2 by 2012. Some have said that they feel endangered by the new regulations. But they will have to comply because the European parliament recently voted to stick to tough emissions laws. However, the regulations may not be so hard to meet after all. The target is possible at the present rate of decline, according to Clean Green Cars.

The most improved manufacturer from Jan. to Sept. 2008 was Jeep. The company cut its average down to 217 g/km of CO2 from last year’s 255 g/km, a 14.9 percent improvement. Subaru followed closely, cutting its emissions to 199g/km from 232 g/km, a 14.3 percent reduction.

Here’s a list of the top ten most improved automakers from Jan. to Sept. 2008 (PDF):

1. Jeep – 14.9% improvement, down to 217 g/km from 255 g/km.
2. Subaru – 14.3% improvement, down to 199 g/km from 232 g/km.
3. BMW – 11.6% improvement, down to 160 g/km from 180 g/km.
4. Mazda –10.7% improvement, down to 164 g/km from 184 g/km.
5. Hyundai – 9.6% improvement, down to 149 g/km from 165 g/km.
6. MINI – 8.3% improvement, down to 138 g/km from 151 g/km.
7. Mitsubishi – 7.8% improvement, down to 165 g/km from 179 g/km.
8. Volvo – 7.4% improvement, down to 177 g/km from 191 g/km.
9. Audi – 7.3% improvement, down to 175 g/km from 189 g/km.
10. Peugeot  – 4.8% improvement, down to 140 g/km from 147 g/km.

The research findings are a sharp contrast from a study released in August by European Federation for Transport and Environment, which revealed that automakers are not doing enough to meet proposed CO2 emissions targets.

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