LOHAS Consumers and Politics

by | Sep 28, 2008

In this election cycle, politicians are debating a variety of pressing issues, and sustainability issues are key among them. Approximately 90% of the general population says they typically vote, as shown in Figure 1, and a plurality (one-third) typically vote for a Democratic candidate, according to The Natural Marketing Institute. Almost the same percentage of consumers tends to vote Republican as those who vote independent (25% and 22%, respectively).

Political activism for environmentalism is a hallmark of the LOHAS lifestyle. LOHAS consumers, the portion of the population that is most interested in sustainability and the earliest adopters of sustainable products, vote heavily on the Democratic side (45%) — more than any other segment. LOHAS consumers are also more likely to vote Independent (26%).  Beyond voting, LOHAS consumers also are the most likely to try to influence their elected officials, consistent with LOHAS consumers’ influencer activities.  As with marketing, politicians would benefit by leveraging LOHAS consumers to not just vote, but campaign on their behalf.

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