U.S. Rail Sells Smaller Carbon Footprint

by | Aug 4, 2008

freighttrain.jpgU.S. railroads have touted for decades that they use less fuel than trucks to move freights and now they are adding green into the mix, telling customers they can reduce their carbon footprints, Guardian reports.

Among a growing number of railroad companies running environmentally themed ad, Norfolk Southern released one in May, titled “Too bad we can’t all drive a train.”

Don Anair of the Union of Concerned Scientists told the Guardian that railroads could play an important role in reducing road congestion and lowering emissions. But he says there is more room for the railway industry to lower their footprint even more by reducing idling and investing more in engines with lower emissions.

While skyrocketing oil-prices has helped the railroad industry to take market share from trucks it still has to overcome the challenge of providing reliable service.

One challenge for the railroads to capitalize on their lower carbon footprint is providing reliable service.

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