Postal Service Wants To Green 90% Of Fleet

by | Jul 24, 2008

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uspsvehicle2.jpgThe U.S. Postal Service is participating in Project Driveway to identify new technologies in hopes of replacing almost 90 percent, or 195,000 of its delivery fleet with non-petroleum fueled vehicles. General Motors presented a Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell electric vehicle to the Postal Service for testing in a mail-delivery environment.

The move comes as fuel price are skyrocketing; since a one-cent increase in a gallon of fuel adds $8 million annually to the company’s expenses. Last year, fuel costs were $1.7 billion and are expected to increase by $600 million this year.

An alternative could be hydrogen fuel cells, which are touted as being twice as efficient as an internal combustion engine, emits only water vapor and uses fuel that can be made from traditional and renewable energy sources.

The Postal Service currently has over 43,000 alternative fuel vehicles that can operate on hybrid-electric, compressed natural gas, liquid propane gas, ethanol (E-85), biodiesel and hydrogen fuel cell.

The Postal Service did well in a recent report that looked at the sustainability of shipping companies.

on the While the Postal Services is taking a look at options to turn its fleet green, the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, recently abandoned plans to run half of its fleet on soy-based biodiesel fuel.

But, for now, it seems the green fleet trend is still strong, with AT&T, UPS and Nike all adding more green vehicles to their fleets.

GE offers a guide for companies uncertain how to turn its fleet green.

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