Ethical Messaging So Far Ineffective

by | Jun 12, 2008

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greenproduct.jpgThe Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) describes a growing market for goods and services that appeal to environmentally and socially conscious consumers, the institute reports.

Many companies have identified profitable ways of being good environmental stewards and, in so doing, have improved their products and increased opportunities for marketers.

But, expanding on the findings of its Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability (LOHAS) 2007 Consumer Trends Database, the institute says:

… the future of the green movement will require a new level of sophistication and clarity as consumers increasingly discern between those companies that are truly sincere versus those that are perceived as participating for superficial reasons.

While sustainability concerns are unlikely to diminish, understanding the trends allows an organization to frame the conversation with its customers and capitalize on the market, according to the report.

The report includes titles specific for the food and beverage and personal care industries, and reports on green building, transportation and energy efficient appliances are available as special order reports, according to NMI.

Research from Natural Marketing Institute reported on in March shows that green marketing may be positively affecting the environment outside of the retail market. The research showed that the general population has increased the frequency of various green activities including steps to reduce energy consumption and recycling.

While consumers are willing to pay a premium for ethically made goods, they will also buy unethically made products at a steep discount, according to a recent Wall Street Journal study.

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