Blue Sun First Energy Co. Headquartered In LEED Platinum Building

by | May 5, 2008

Blue Sun Biodiesel is the first energy company headquartered in a LEED Platinum certified office building, of which there are 26 in the world, the company reports.

According to Aardex, the developer of Colorado’s Signature Centre office building, energy efficient features include:

  • Individual temperature and ventilation control, via Underfloor Air delivery system,
  • An abundance of natural light harvested as deep as 40 feet into the building,
  • Indoor pollution controls with Merv 13 filters and low voc paints and adhesives,
  • Solar shades and light shelves control glare and lower surface temperatures,
  • Under floor ventilation achieved by high efficiency Roof Top Units equipped with an outside air economizer,
  • Building perimeter conditioned with chilled beams and radiant heaters,
  • Hot water supplied from high efficiency boiler,
  • Chilled water supplied from evaporative cooled condensing chilled water units on roof with variable volume pumping distribution, and
  • Lighting controlled by occupancy sensors, dimmable switches, and photo sensors.

With the combination of all of these features, Signature Centre cuts energy use by a minimum of 36 percent.

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