Does Anyone Read Your CSR Report? Year 2

by | Oct 24, 2007

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In the four days following the release of its fiscal 2007 Corporate Social Responsibility report, Sun received 869 unique visitors to the report and about 12 requests for printed copies (Sun only produced a summary print report – 12 pages – to conserve resources), according to Marcy Scott Lynn, corporate social responsibility program manager at Sun.

If you count all the click-throughs to the other report pages, Sun had 3,147 hits in total. Eco Responsibility, with 264 visits, was the most popular report page.

The numbers are an improvement from Sun’s last report, when only a couple hundred had viewed it in the first week. “Of course, 900 is not that much,” Lynn writes. “Not when you consider we have nearly 34,000 employees at Sun. And then there’s all the stakeholders who are supposed to care about our CSR efforts – NGOs, SRIs and the like. And a fair number of that 869 is me and the team checking to make sure everything was working.”

Lynn goes on to bring up an interesting point: “If we are only getting 25 percent of visitors to read past the first page, why exactly do we have so many pages?”

“Maybe it’s time to really assess who is reading these things (not just how many) and use that information to drive what we report, how often we report it and what method we use to share the information,” Lynn writes.

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