Alcan Releases Corporate Sustainability Report

by | Oct 23, 2007

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Alcan has released its 2007 Corporate Sustainability Report, CSRWire reports.

The report builds on the 2006 report with updated 2007 content, data and examples, according to Alcan. Discussion of strategies and performance continues to be based on key areas identified as the “Alcan 8”: Energy, Climate Change, Natural Resource Stewardship, Community Development, Well-Being, Environmental Releases, Innovation and Industry Shifts, and Product Stewardship.

Emissions data is here.

Some details:

Since 1990, an 80 percent reduction in overall emissions intensity from perfluorocarbons in the primary smelting process at Alcan smelters has translated into a 45 percent reduction in overall smelter emissions intensity, and a 25 percent reduction in Alcan’s total company-wide emissions intensity.

Since 2001, the ongoing management of GHG emissions has been conducted under the Company’s TARGET program, a systematic approach based on continuous performance improvement. In the first five years of TARGET from 2001-2005, Alcan surpassed its original objective to reduce GHG emissions by 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent with a performance that resulted in GHG reductions of 3.5 million tonnes, according to the company.

In 2006, Alcan announced its objectives for the second phase of TARGET; with a goal to achieve a further 10 percent reduction in direct GHG emissions intensity between 2006-2010 (compared to a 2005 performance baseline). By the end of 2006, Alcan achieved a two percent reduction towards this goal. Continuing efforts to reduce PFC emissions from Alcan smelters played a large role in this progress as PFC emissions intensity in 2006 dropped by 18 percent.

In 2002, Alcan signed a five-year voluntary agreement with the Quebec provincial Ministry of Environment to reduce its GHG emissions in Quebec, using 1999 as the baseline year. It was part of an overall agreement signed between the Aluminium Association of Canada (and its three member companies operating in Quebec) and the Quebec Government.

By the end of 2006, Alcan in Quebec reduced total annual GHG emissions seven percent compared to 1999 while production during the same period increased 40 percent, according to the company. On an emissions intensity basis, GHG emissions intensity in Quebec was reduced by 26 percent compared to 1999.

Alcan is a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, the coalition of companies and NGOs calling on the government to enact national legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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