Only Small Number of Fortune 500 Embrace Sustainability

by | Aug 1, 2007

There is no green business bubble, according to a CNN/Money article by Joel Makower. “Once companies wring out the resource waste, toxic ingredients, embedded energy and carbon intensity of their products and services, there’s no turning back.”

Some green products and companies might be left behind, but energy efficiency, waste reduction, pollution prevention, supply-chain management, environmental reporting “will be around in one form or another for decades.”

Furthermore, green business has not hit critical mass. No more than a dozen, if that, of the Fortune 500 have embraced sustainability as a core business strategy, according to Makower. And small and midsized companies remain largely uninvolved.

Why? According to the article the incentives that are needed to push companies in a green direction, whether from government, customers, suppliers, employees, job seekers, bankers or most other business partners and stakeholders, simply don’t exist. “For most firms,” Makower writes, “going green remains an investment with questionable or underwhelming payoffs.”

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