Leading CEOs Release Climate Change Policy Statement

by | Jul 18, 2007

Business Roundtable, an association of 160 chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies, have released a policy statement (PDF) on climate change, acknowledging that climate change poses a serious risk and that the time for action is now. 

“The thinking of U.S. CEOs on climate change is evolving significantly,” said Chad Holliday, chairman and CEO, DuPont, and chairman of Business Roundtable’s Environment, Technology and the Economy Task Force. “A growing number of CEOs view it as a major issue for their companies and many of us have called for timely U.S. action.”

The policy statement calls for “collective action that will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global basis, with the goal of slowing increases in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere and ultimately stabilizing them at levels that will address the risks of climate change.”

According to the statement, Roundtable members agree that:

  • More companies should commit to making emission reductions a priority and report on their progress in achieving these reductions;
  • An improved national registry for reporting emissions and documenting reductions would stimulate additional progress by industry;  
  • Government policies should encourage early action and investment to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency;
  • Increasing energy efficiency is a proven and cost-effective strategy for reducing emissions and should be a priority for business and government;
  • The development and deployment of energy-efficient, low GHG technologies is vital to long-term emission reductions;
  • RD&D investment in new low-GHG technologies must be increased in the public and private sectors to levels commensurate with the climate challenge; and
  • Investment in climate science must be continued at a high level so that we can better understand and predict the magnitude and timing of future warming.

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