Sony ‘Biggest Loser’ In Greenpeace’s Latest Electronics Guide

by | Jun 28, 2007

Apple has moved up Greenpeace’s latest Guide to Greener Electronics as a result of Steve Job’s Greener Apple pledge to phase out PVC and other chemicals from their product line. But Nokia is on top because they’ve already phased out PVC, and, according to Greenpeace, “met or exceeded a wide set of benchmarks we’ve laid down to reduce the amount and toxicity of electronic waste piling up in Asia and Africa.”

According to Greenpeace, Sony is the “biggest loser” in the race this edition, languishing at the bottom along with LGE, penalized for double standards on their waste policies.

Dell and Lenovo tied for second place behind Nokia.

Dell scored top marks for reporting its current recycling rate based on sales seven years ago, and for a strong global take-back policy for outdated gear.

Lenovo’s support for precautionary policies and legislation making producers responsible for their products at the end of their lifetime resulted in high marks for them. In the April version of the ranking, Lenovo scored higher points for a global takeback policy. But Greenpeace says its “investigation of the implementation of this policy in practice reveals incomplete implementation.”

Sony-Ericsson and Samsung pull up third and fourth with limited recycling programs in a few countries and good, but uneven, performance on other criteria for removing toxic chemicals.

Apple, which until recently was campaigned against by Greenpeace, “may start to rival other, greener companies if their much-awaited iPhone becomes the company’s first truly greener product,” Greenpeace says.

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